about me

Having spent my life serving the community and state I love through developing businesses, creating jobs for Alaskans, volunteering for organizations close to my heart, and building successful state-wide relationships.

I became active in our party because I want to do my part to keep Alaska the special place that it is in order that my children will also want to raise their families here.

If elected as your Chair, I will work to support our platform and stand firm against the threats to the core values of our party. My commitment is to ensure that our conservative voice is heard and prevails.

We are at a pivotal moment in the future of the state. Working together the Alaska Republican Party can have an impact in shaping that future. It would be an honor to serve as your Chair and strive to make that vision a reality.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at  mike@robbinsalaska.comor 907.947.7344


What I’ll Fight For

Fiscal Responsibility

My goal is to raise more money every year than the party has ever done before. Accompanying that, I am dedicated to ensuring the Alaska Republican Party practices and promotes fiscal responsibility. It is the party’s job to responsibly use our hard-earned funds to turn out the Republican vote during elections.

Unity and Teamwork

Working together is crucial for our success. I am committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, where we put the strength of US to work

Grassroots Organizing and Engagement

By utilizing my demonstrated organizational and recruiting skills I aim to empower and enhance our Party’s outreach and impact.

Principled Leadership

Starts by building trust. My leadership will focus on transparency, communication, and integrity. Upholding our conservative values in every decision and action I take if elected chair.  

Election Success

One of the Party’s primary jobs is to get Republicans elected. By recruiting, training, and supporting candidates before and after they get elected, I will work to ensure victory at the polls for our local, state, and national candidates.

Attracting the Next Generation

It is essential to attract and nurture the next generation of Republican leaders. I am committed to creating innovative outreach and mentorship programs that engage younger Alaskans, guaranteeing a dynamic future for our Party.